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It’s a nightmare like no other.

Private detective Baines McFadden wakes to find himself in a world where the Axis Powers won the Second World War and Great Britain is a Nazi vassal state. Worse still: in this grave new world, he is a film director fallen foul of the Nazi government by making an obscene pornographic film depicting Adolf Hitler’s wife as a depraved nymphomaniac.

His lot improves when the Nazis release him from the Tower of London so he can direct a film about the assassination of Adolf Hitler in 1963 in Dealey Plaza, Texas.

Back in favour with the Nazis, Baines seems to be sitting pretty, until the resistance forcibly recruit him and send him on a suicide mission with one objective: Kill the Fuhrer!

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In an impossible city where nobody remembers their past, a killer is on the loose.

Detective Seth Norton is on the trail of Jack the Revelator, a vicious psychokiller.


As the body count climbs, Norton finds himself increasing distracted by The Silence, a seductive performance artist who survived an attack by the Revelator and who may hold the key to his true identity.

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I have a limited number of copies of this 25,000 word novella at the bargain price of £4 a throw including p&p. To get your copy, email me at patrickwhittaker@live.com and we can take it from there.


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Include an address in the email. I'll be happy to sign books if that's what you really want - but be warned my handwriting resembles the meanderings of a drunken spider.

He has no choice but to die. How he dies is up to him.

Verlaine is a vampire, the last of his kind. He knows that the people who killed his brethren are coming for him. Alienated and alone, he decides to bow out in a manner of his own choosing.

It is Walpurgis Night. Before it is over, Verlaine will have left a trail of death that will never be forgotten.

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A detective noir / horror story like no other...


The seaside town of Chadham prides itself on being sleepy. Until Maniac turns it into the murder capital of Britain.

Detective Inspector Harry Nyman is the world's most reluctant policeman. He'd rather be playing jazz than investigating crime.

Unfortunately, murder sets its own agenda.

As the body count rises, it becomes clear the murderer has an ultimate goal: to destroy Harry Nyman. 

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Andrew was a perfectly normal boy... until his mother died. Now the only thing that keeps him sane is his imaginary friend, Weird Willy Whizzbang.

Unfortunately, Andrew's father is determined to get rid of Weird Willy, leaving Andrew with a stark choice. If he wants to save Weird Willy, he has to kill his father.

For Andrew, the choice is a no-brainer.

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Out soon in paperback (watch this space).

Rhiannon was dead but it didn't last. Her husband has downloaded her mind into a computer-generated world where he is Lord and Master and she has no rights.

For him, it's Heaven. For her, it's Hell.

Danny Jasinski is a freelance computing genius on a mission to hack the unhackable, while battling bizarre hallucinations and paranoid conspiracy theories.

What’s real and what isn’t? And who's really in control?

Sybernika is an unsettling, thought-provoking and hugely entertaining sci-fi novel.

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On an otherwise normal day in Wonderland, the Knave of Hearts is arrested by the secret police. Outraged by what he believes to be an injustice, his valet, the March Hare, sets out to free him. Along the way he attends a mad tea party, witnesses the death and resurrection of the Queen of Hearts and uncovers a terrifying secret that could destroy not only his world, but ours too.


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